Register For A Bass Pro Shop Hunter Safety Class

A hunter’s safety course from Bass Pro Shops will help you obtain a needed hunting permit.

Bass Pro Shops has become one of the leading retailers for hunting, fishing and camping supplies. The retail giant, with the help of local game wardens or law enforcement, also offers customers educational seminars and courses designed to help novices with the safety aspects of their preferred sports. For hunters, Bass Pro Shop’s 10 hour Hunter’s Safety Education Course covers all that’s needed to obtain a hunting license, a requirement in many states.


1. Log on to to locate your local Bass Pro Shops retail store or call 1-800-227-7776 for information regarding a store location. Go to the store and approach the Customer Service Help Desk and tell the associate you’d like to register for the next Hunter’s Safety Course.

2. Schedule your slot in the class times, generally held on the first and third weekends of every month, regardless of whether it’s hunting season. The 10-hour class is completed in one day with a test at the end, so schedule your time to accommodate the length of the class. Some stores might break the classes up into two 5-hour nights.

3. Pay your $20 to $40 class fee and attend the class on the scheduled date(s) at the scheduled time(s). Bring proper identification with you to class, should one be required.

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