Relieving Pressure In A Co2 Cartridge

After a flight session, you need to relieve the pressure of your CO2 cartridge.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) cartridges are used in many sports and hobbies. Cyclists use them to inflate tires, gun hobbyists use them for airguns, paintball players use them for their guns, and model-airplane builders use them to power their planes. Although smaller cartridges are typically a one-time use item and all air is expelled at once, larger cartridges must be emptied at the end of a day’s use. Relieving the pressure from the cartridge isn’t difficult, but is an important safety step before storing the cartridge.


1. Attach the fitting or nozzle onto the end of the cartridge. Small cartridges generally screw into the nozzle. Turn the cartridge until you can’t turn it any further. Cartridges with fittings fit over the top of the cartridge and are held in place with a pin you screw onto the cartridge.

2. Turn the valve of the fitting clockwise to open the valve on larger cartridges. Leave the valve open until the sound of gas stops and the tank is empty. If your fitting has a pressure gauge, relieve the gas until the gauge reaches zero.

3. Press the lever on a nozzle-type fitting if it has one. Hold the lever until the cartridge is empty and you no longer hear gas coming out of the nozzle.

4. Empty cycling cartridges by fitting the nozzle onto the valve stem of a flat tire. Some nozzles will expel all the cartridge’s gas at once. Other nozzles have a stop mechanism that must remain open to expel the gas.

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