Remove A Co2 Tank From A Paintball Gun

Don’t lose precious time on the field with broken o-rings. Learn the right way to remove a CO2 tank from a paintball gun.

While it’s easy to remove a CO2 tank from a paintball gun, it can be a little bit of a challenge to remove the tank without damaging the delicate O-rings that help seal the tank. Blown O-rings can put you out of play for several more minutes than you intended and cost you money to replace that could be better spent on paintballs and gun upgrades. It’s worth taking the time to learn the few simple tricks to removing a CO2 tank that will save you a lot of extra work and money.


1. Turn the paintball gun so that the top of the CO2 tank is facing up. In other words, the barrel of the gun and the top of the tank, where it connects to the gun, should be facing skyward.

2. Wait for just a moment before proceeding to allow any liquid CO2 to settle into the bottom of the tank so that it won’t come in contact with the O-rings.

3. Grasp the connection just above the CO2 tank firmly with your left hand. Be sure and hold the connection still so that it doesn’t twist or turn as you remove the tank.

4. Turn the the tank about 1/2 turn to the left using your right hand.

5. Wait a moment for pressure to be released from the tank and the connection.

6. Remove the tank completely by turning it to the left until it is completely unscrewed. Be sure and keep it facing straight up while you finish unscrewing it.