Remove A Co2 Tank From A Paintball Marker

Paintball markers are small pistols used to shoot and mark an opponent in a match. These are often employed as sidearms with larger paintball weaponry or as a primary weapon in marker-only combat. Markers are normally powered with small carbon-dioxide tanks that propel the paintballs towards the target. Removal of these canisters must be done carefully to avoid damaging the seals around the nozzle or and preserve any electrical targeting sensors in that area.


1. Point the marker towards the sky and away from your face. This will allow the liquid CO2 to flow into the bottom of the tank and prevent spills.

2. Unscrew the tank from the marker carefully. Make sure to avoid unseating the rubber rings that create the seal around the tank where it meets the marker.

3. Pull the tank and marker apart once the tank is fully unscrewed. Take care to not drop your marker or spill the contents of your CO2 canister.

4. Replace with a new tank or cap the CO2 canister for later use. You can store a paintball CO2 tank indefinitely provided you keep it safely away from heat sources.

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