Remove A Ps90 Barrel

The PS90 is a semi-automatic carbine used for personal defense and training exercises. The PS90 should not be confused with the P90, which is the law enforcement and military version of this weapon. The PS90 barrel is an extended 16 1/25-inches long and has a built in flash suppressor to lower the chances of being blinded during low-light tactical conditions.

The extended barrel of the PS90 improves accuracy and reduces the recoil through an extended muzzle brake. The PS90 is an ambidextrous rifle and can be shot by left handed or right-handed shooters without modification.


1. Unload the ammunition from the PS90. Slide the barrel of the PS90 into a drill press and tighten it down for a secure hold. Change the bit in the drill press to a No. 43 carbide bit and drill out the blind pin.

2. Place a pair of barrel blocks into a vice gripe. Barrel blocks are gunsmithing tools that will firmly grasp a gun barrel without marring it.

3. Hold the closed end of a 15mm wrench with a gloved hand. Use a rotary tool and a grinding bit to grind the head of the wrench. The 15mm wrench is the perfect size to fit the barrel but it is too thick. Shaving it down will allow it to fit between the barrel and flash.

4. Grasp the flash suppressor nut on the chamber end of the barrel with the 15mm wrench. Turn the wrench in a clockwise motion to loosen the PS90 barrel. PS90s are left-hand threaded so this action will be backwards from normal loosening procedures. Once the flash suppressor nut is completely backed off you can slide the PS90’s barrel free.

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