Remove A Remington 700 Trigger

The Remington Model 700 is a line of bolt-action rifles designed for almost any type of shooting, from long range tactical rifles to rifles designed for harsh conditions. Remington Model 700s can be disassembled, so they can be cleaned or serviced according to the needs of the owner. While Remington suggests that all adjustments to the trigger be made through a Remington-recommended gunsmith, the procedure to remove the trigger can be completed by just about anyone.


1. Move the switch on the right side of the bolt to the rear position, labeled “S.”

2. Pull the bolt handle all the way back. Look inside the barrel to see if there is any ammunition inside. If there is, remove it according to the process required by the model of Remington 700 that you have. Some require the ammunition to be removed through the floor plate, through the ejection point or by removing a magazine.

3. Push the bolt stop release button, which is located inside the trigger guard, just in front of the trigger. Pull back on the bolt to remove it.

4. Turn the Remington 700 upside down.

5. Remove the two or three screws, depending on your exact model, located around the trigger.

6. Lift up on the stock to remove it from the receiver and trigger assembly.

7. Position the receiver in your vise with the trigger assembly pointing up. Locate the two metal pins, one near the front of the trigger and one near the rear, that connect the trigger to the receiver.

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8. Place your pin push against one of these pins and gently tap it with a hammer until it pushes the pin free. Do the same thing on the other pin, and then pull up on the trigger to remove it.