Remove A Stripped Screw From An Invert Mini Without A Drill

Use a hex wrench to remove a stripped paintball gun screw.

An Invert Mini is a specific type of paintball gun featuring small parts that may become stripped due to cleaning and the updating of inside parts. Most of an Invert Mini‘s screws have hex-type heads on the screw fasteners. Without the use of a power tool such as a drill, stripped screw removal options are limited. A simple and inexpensive way to remove a stripped screw is by using a cold weld compound such as J.B. Weld.


1. Find a hex wrench that is slightly smaller in diameter than the screw opening. Choose an inexpensive hex wrench as the cold weld product is difficult to remove once it is hard.

2. Rest the Invert Mini on a flat surface with the screw head facing up.

3. Fill the center of the stripped screw with the cold weld compound.

4. Slip the hex wrench inside the cold weld compound and wait the required time for the product to dry.

5. Turn the screw in a counterclockwise motion with the hex wrench to remove it.

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