Remove A Tank From A Paintball Gun

The same air pressure that powers your paintball gun can turn the tank into a projectile.

Removing the tank from a paintball gun can be dangerous, even deadly, if it is not done carefully. Paintball guns work by expelling round, plastic, paint-filled pellets using powerful bursts of compressed carbon dioxide. Tanks holding the carbon dioxide must be removed from the paintball gun to be refilled or replaced. The valve sealing the tank must stay in place or the pressurized gas will leak and propel the tank at dangerously high speeds.


1. Use nail polish to draw a straight line that crosses the seam where the nickle- or brass-plated valve and the CO2 tank meet. The line should be about 1″ long with 1/2″ on the valve and 1/2″ on the tank. Allow the nail polish to dry according to the directions on the bottle.

2. Put on a pair of tight-fitting, sturdy goggles.

3. Twist the tank in a counterclockwise direction for three to four full rotations. If the tank does not come off after the fourth rotation or you notice that the nail polish line is separating, stop. The line separating between the tank and valve is indicative of a loose valve. The paintball gun likely is faulty and should be taken to a professional, or you should consult the manufacturer before taking any more action.

4. Point the paintball gun at the ground in a safe location and dry fire to release any residual air pressure in the assembly.