Remove A Veridian Laser From A Glock

Removing a Viridian laser sight from a Glock is very easy to do.

Using laser sights on handguns allows a much higher likelihood of hitting the target where you’re aiming. Traditionally, police officers or handgun owners will install a red light laser sight on handguns like Glocks under the barrel and in front of the trigger guard. The problem with a red laser is that it’s very hard to see in most daylight conditions, according to Veridian, which sells a green laser sight they say is much easier to see in almost all light conditions. The lasers fits most models of Glock handguns.


Remove Laser Sight

1. Turn mounting screw counter-clockwise using the wrench or coin until removed from laser sight. If laser sight rail set uses two mounting screws, remove second screw the same way as the first screw.

2. Store mounting screw in secure place.

3. Slide Veridian laser sight forward and away from trigger guard.