Remove Anodization

Anodization is a word used to describe the method used for coloring aluminum. Anodized parts are commonly found on bicycles, motorcycles and other various items made from aluminum. Anodization is an extremely durable finish that is not typically known to scratch off. It cannot peel, since it causes the colorant to become chemically embedded in the topmost layers of the aluminum. You can sand anodization off, but it will take an extremely long time. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to remove anodization. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Prepare a work surface–a space outdoors is preferable. Place a drop cloth or newspapers on the surface where you will be working.

2. Put on rubber gloves and eye protection to protect yourself from the oven cleaner.

3. Spray the anodized piece with the oven cleaner, completely coating it.

4. Allow the oven cleaner to sit for 45 minutes.

5. Use steel wool and rags to rub off the anodization.

6. Rinse the finished piece with water and dry it with rags.

7. Sand out any pits in the aluminum, if desired.

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