Remove Camo Tape

Scrape the adhesive with the plastic spoon to avoid ripping or scratching the material.

Camo tape helps hunters camouflage guns and non-camouflaged components of hunting lodges and equipment. Some camouflage tape is highly adhesive and will leave a very sticky residue when you try to remove it. There are several methods to remove the tape and sticky residue. Use the least-harsh method first to prevent damage to the taped item.


1. Gently pull off the camo tape so that it comes off in one piece.

2. Dab nail polish remover onto a clean cloth.

3. Blot the camo tape residue with the nail polish remover until it is completely gone.

4. Spread petroleum jelly over any remaining camo tape residue. Rub the residue to loosen it from the material it is taped on.

5. Wipe up the petroleum jelly and sticker residue.

6. Soak a clean cloth in distilled white vinegar if there is still some tape residue.

7. Place the vinegar-soaked cloth over the tape residue. Let it sit for at least 1 hour to completely loosen the residue.

8. Remove the cloth, and scrape the sticker residue with the back of a plastic spoon.

9. Soak a clean cloth in clear water and rub it over the area to completely rinse away cleaning solutions.

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