Remove Dents From An Invert Mini Paintball Marker

The Invert Mini Paintball Marker, or gun, is made by Invert Paintball and has an anodized metal construction that ensures the pressure from the compressed air tank does not leak. A dent in the side of the Invert, while not harmful to its operation, disturbs the look and feel of the weapon. You can remove the dent using specialized tools designed to remove dents from automobiles. Tools from around the house will be needed as well.


1. Remove the base from the butt of the Invert Mini Paintball Marker. Unscrew the compressed air tank from inside the handle and place it aside.

2. Cock the top of the marker. Upend the marker so any paintball inside the firing mechanism falls out. Uncock the top of the marker by pressing the trigger.

3. Place a sheet of newspaper on a table. Place the Invert Marker on the newspaper with the side that has the dent facing up.

4. Place the suction cup of the car dent pulling tool over the dent. Push down on the tab attached to the tool to form a suction beneath the cup.

5. Hold the marker down with one hand. Grip the top of the tool with the other hand. Pull the top of the tool toward you. Hold the tool against the resistance for 30 seconds. Release the tool.

6. Push the tab up to release the suction cup. Remove the tool from the marker. Inspect the side of the gun to see if the dent has been pulled out. If the dent is still visible, repeat Steps 4 and 5.

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