Remove Graffiti From Stop Signs

Remove Graffiti From Stop Signs

Graffiti is illegal activity that involves spray painting and/or defacing public and private property. Offenders should not be approached, apprehended or restrained by anyone but the police; do not attempt to do so by yourself. Graffiti can mark territories, is highly related to gang activity and drug activity, and can also denote different associations. Citizens can help with the problem of graffiti in many ways because it is not something that just needs to be cleaned up it is also a social problem that must be defeated. Defacing stop signs with graffiti can prove to be dangerous. Stop signs are road signs that produce order and protection from car collisions. Cleaning graffiti can be difficult if the area is large, and/or you do not have the proper cleaning solutions. Anyone can clean up graffiti. Most large cities have neighborhood and community groups that volunteer to clean up graffiti. It is not illegal to clean up graffiti, but it is illegal to produce it.


1. Read the label instructions on your graffiti-removal product. Mix as instructed, and/or pour it into the spray bottle.

2. Put on the rubber gloves.

3. Spray on graffiti, and wait if there is a recommended wait time on the label/instructions.

4. Scrub the graffiti with the abrasive sponge until it is removed.

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