Remove Paint From A Paintball Gun

The paint used in paintball is not technically paint.

Paintballing has become a popular activity in recent years for everything from corporate events to stag parties. The concept was originally developed by the armed forces for training exercises without having to use any live ammunition. Over time paintballs are likely to get on the gun, causing problems for the mechanism when it dries or ruining the camouflage effect, thus making you more noticeable. The paint used by paintball guns is very easy to clean off, as it is not technically paint.


1. Apply some water to a cloth so it is damp but not wet and remove as much of the paint as possible by hand without using any soap.

2. Apply some liquid soap to the damp cloth to remove any dried in paint.

3. Dry the paintball gun with a dry cloth so there is no water left on the surface.

4. Oil any part of the gun that has gotten damp or may become jammed if the paint dries completely. Spray oil, or liquid oil from a drip can, applied to any mechanical part will prevent this happening.

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