Remove Paint From An Aluminum Shotgun Receiver

Use a potent solvent to clean paint from a shotgun receiver.

The receiver of a shotgun is the part that houses the operating parts of the firearm. Also called the body or frame, it is most commonly constructed of steel or aluminum. Removing paint from the aluminum receiver of a shot gun will require a potent chemical solvent. Apply the paint remover with the proper materials and the shotgun will be restored to its bare aluminum surface.


1. Make sure the shotgun is entirely unloaded before cleaning. Point the weapon away from yourself and ensure that the safety is on.

2. Press and hold the release button located near the trigger guard. Slowly pull back the action bar until the chamber becomes visible, then remove any rounds. Turn the shotgun upside-down to empty out any rounds in the magazine tube; catch them as they fall right into your hand.

3. Bring the shotgun to an open, ventilated workspace. Put on chemical-resistant gloves and apply paint thinner or aircraft stripper to the painted areas on the receiver. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to determine whether the product needs to be brushed, sprayed or wiped on with a rag.

4. Read the product label to allow the paint to dissolve for the right amount of time. Once the chemical has softened it, scrub it loose with a wire brush; work quickly as the certain paint removers tend to evaporate before taking complete effect.

5. Use a second application of the remover if necessary. Scrub the receiver with a steel wool pad for a thorough cleaning of the remainder.

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6. Wipe the treated area of the shotgun with denatured alcohol to neutralize the chemicals. Dry the surface with a clean cloth to ensure that no moisture remains on the bare aluminum.