Remove Paint From Dog Fur

You’re not sure how it happened, but your furry friend is standing in front of you, wagging its tale and covered in fresh paint (usually right before you need to be somewhere in a hurry). Here are some things you can do to clean your pet up fast without having to shave him bald.


1. Use soap and water on the paint-covered fur if the paint is latex-based and isn’t completely dry. You can use any antibacterial soap or dish soap for small areas, or use baby shampoo or dog shampoo for a big area. Stay away from soaps that have harsh ingredients such as dyes or perfumes so you won’t irritate their skin.

2. Change your approach if the paint has dried or is oil-based. Work salad oil, petroleum jelly, or even peanut butter into the fur with your fingers to break down clumps of paint and then try pulling the paint out with your fingers. Remove excess oil with a paper towel.

3. Wash your pet with dog or baby shampoo after removing the paint. This will remove any residue paint and oils from the fur to reduce irritation.

4. Repeat as needed. If the paint is difficult to get out, as the fur begins to separate, the paint will loosen, but you will needed to repeat these steps until all paint has been removed to prevent your pet from trying to clean the paint themselves and ingesting it.

5. Remove the piece of fur by shaving or trimming it off with scissors if the paint will not come out.

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6. Contact your veterinarian immediately if your dog has a reaction to the paint, has ingested paint, or if the paint covers sensitive parts of their body such as their eyes or inside their ears.