Remove Paint Gun Paint From A Car

Removing paint ball paint from you car is a lot easier task than removing common house and auto paints. That is because paint ball paint is made from water-soluble ingredients that can easily be washed away when the paint is wet. If the paint ball paint has dried, you can still remove it by following a few extra steps.


Removing Paint Ball Paint from Car

1. Soak a microfiber rag in soap and water. Use it to scrub the area where the paint has settled, removing any loose paint.

2. Remove the excess water from the paint spot and liberally spray WD-40 onto the paint that is remaining on the car.

3. Wait five minutes for the WD-40 to soak into the paint. Carefully wipe off the paint using a fresh microfiber rag.

4. Using your soap and water, rewash the area to clean any remaining paint debris and dirt from the car.

5. Once the now-clean area on your car is dry, apply car wax using a clean microfiber rag. Buff when the wax has dried.

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