Remove Paintball Paint From A Carpet

Stepping on a single paintball can leave a noticeable carpet stain.

Paintballs are spherical gelatin capsules filled with a water-soluble dye. The components in the dye are designed to be easily washed out of clothing with standard detergent and a home washing machine. Paintballs that burst and release their colored contents into carpet can be a little more difficult to remove. The sooner the stain is addressed the better chance there is that it can be completely eliminated. Clear a paintball stain from carpet with common household cleaners. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Fill the spray bottle with clean water. Adjust the nozzle to spray a fine mist. Mist the paint-stained areas on the carpet.

2. Press a clean towel into the dampened stains. Fold the towel to a new side each time before blotting a stain. Continue until no color is coming up.

3. Apply laundry stain pretreatment gel directly to the stained carpet. Massage the pretreatment gel deep into the stained carpet pile. Wait for the gel to dry.

4. Spray the pretreated stains with water from the spray bottle. Blot the stains with clean and dry towels. Repeat the spray and blot process until no suds or color are coming out.

5. Apply a few drops of stain fighting laundry detergent to the pretreated carpet stains. Moisten the stains with a few squirts from the water bottle. Swirl the detergent into the stained carpet until it foams.

6. Press a moist sponge into the sudsy carpet to rinse out the soap. Rinse the sponge with cold water. Continue blotting the cleaned carpet until no more suds come out of the sponge while rinsing.

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