Remove Paintball Paint From Aluminum Siding

Simply Green all purpose cleaner

Whether you have been the victim of vandalism, or have had the unfortunate luck of accidentally paintballing your own home, you will need to restore your aluminum siding. Fortunately, this task is not impossible. With a little elbow grease you can remove all traces of your paintball nightmare!


1. Assess your damages and how you will get to the area to clean it. If the affected area is situated on a lower area of the siding you will be able to remove it easier. If it is up high, it will be a little trickier if you have to use a ladder.

2. Grab a bucket and a scrub brush. You can also use one of those kitchen scrubbies that is safe for all surfaces.

3. Pour a capful of the Simply Green concentrate into your bucket and fill the bucket with water, forming a sudsy cleaning solution.

4. Spray the affected area down well with your garden hose. You want to completely saturate the area and free up any surrounding dirt or loose matter.

5. Dip the scrub brush into your cleaning solution and apply to the painted area of the siding. This will take some time and some powerful scrubbing, but you can remove it!

6. Allow the scrubbed area to set for several minutes, and then give it a spray rinse with your hose. You may notice that it has been completely removed, or at least lightened. If the paint lightens, repeat the process until the paintball paint is completely gone.

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