Remove Paintball Paint From Car Paint

Remove Paintball Paint From Car Paint

Paintball is a fun sport involving weapons loaded with breakable pellets filled with paint that players shoot at one another in order to eliminate them from the game. While most paintball play is conducted in designated paintball playing areas or indoor arenas, some people go into the woods and play around. This is often illegal and can result in a fine, because it puts the general public at risk. Even worse, some paintballers like to shoot at passing cars. If you’re unfortunate enough to have gotten your car hit with a paintball, don’t panic, it will come off–follow these instructions to learn how.


1. Take a rag and see if you can just wipe it off with a little bit of water. Paint used in paint balls is water-soluble (players have to get it out of their clothes, so it makes sense) so it should come clean easily.

2. Use a gentle detergent on the paint, like Simple Green. It’s eco-friendly, a great cleaner and gentle on your car paint. Dilute with a little bit of water and rub the spot thoroughly. Try rotating your rag in circles and pressing down. It’s better to spend time and a little elbow grease rather than using something abrasive. You don’t want to scratch the paint.

3. Use a cleaner with orange oil. If you’re still not having any luck, try a cleaner that has orange oil in it. The oil should help dissolve the paint.