Remove Paintball Paint From Vinyl Siding

Remove Paintball Paint From Vinyl Siding

If you have teenage boys in your home, you are probably familiar with the telltale signs of paintballs. Once they hit, the balls burst, releasing brightly colored paint to mark the spot. Unfortunately, your home may become a target for stray paintballs, making it look like a piece of modern art as the balls splatter paint on your vinyl siding. It may look like a mess, but if you act quickly, you can remove the paint with ease. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Clean the vinyl siding as soon as possible once paint has been splashed on the surface. Paintballs are washable and are designed to dissolve in water, but if left for a long period, traces of dye may remain on the siding.

2. Hook up the garden hose and set it for power spray. You will need a forceful flow of water, particularly if the splatters are beyond your reach.

3. Hose down the area that has been hit with paintballs, beginning at the top and working your way down. Work in a back and forth motion to dissolve and loosen paint. Let it run freely down the side of your home. Work steadily to spray down the entire area from the point where the paint begins to the ground.

4. Rinse the siding down with water once you have removed the bulk of the paint. Follow as outlined above to remove any traces of leftover paint residue.

5. Use a mild detergent on stubborn areas if necessary. An extension brush works well to scrub paint from the surface of the siding. Spray down, again working from the highest point to the ground to lift and remove any remaining paint.

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