Remove Paintball Paint

Paintball is an extreme sport that allows participants to engage in non-lethal combat situations. Players “mark” each other with paintballs that are shot out of high-velocity air guns known as markers. Paintball players wear armor, masks and goggles to protect themselves from injury or becoming covered in paint. There is a wide variety of paints used in paintball and all should be water-soluble. This makes them fairly easy to clean from clothing and other materials.


1. Pour warm water into your pail. Warm water will more easily remove water-soluble paints, even during cold weather.

2. Add a cup of dishwashing detergent for each gallon of warm water. Detergent is necessary for stubborn splatter on vinyl siding or other porous materials.

3. Soak one cotton towel in the cleaning solution. Leave the towel completely soaked to ensure enough cleanser gets into the object to be cleaned.

4. Wipe away the paint using the wet cotton towel. Water-soluble paints break down with soap and water, allowing you to quickly remove the paintball splatter.

5. Dry the object with the second towel. This will help prevent dust buildup from accumulating and causing damage to enamel car paints or walls.

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