Remove Runs In Automotive Paint

Runs in the paint of a newly painted vehicle can be seen once the paint has completely dried. They are unsightly and can show up on almost any surface of the vehicle. Rather than sanding and repainting sections of the car, there is another way to remove runs that is much easier. Almost anyone can learn remove runs in automotive paint using a method that only takes about an hour of time.


1. Park the vehicle in the sunlight, if possible, so that any runs are easily seen. If there are several runs, you can use a marker to make small marks directly on the runs to easily find them.

2. Use 600-grit wet sanding paper to gently sand the runs smooth. Keep the sandpaper soaking wet the entire time you are sanding. Sand until the run is smooth, though the clear coat will now appear dull.

3. Sand the run again with 900-grit wet sanding paper and water. Once this is done, sand over the area again using 1200-grit wet sanding paper and water.

4. Rinse the car, paying attention to all of the areas that have been sanded. Allow the car to dry completely before moving to the next step.

5. Apply liquid rubbing compound to the clean buffing pad of an orbital polisher. Polish all areas that were sanded until they shine. You can polish the entire car for a deep, glossy shine.

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