Rent Laser Tag Equipment

The kids are bored, the family’s coming for the weekend, and you’re wondering what to do. Choose up sides and pit team against team when you rent laser tag equipment for fun get-togethers or special events. Laser tag is a safe yet active game that everyone can play, from kids to parents to seniors. Even people who aren’t “team players” will get involved in this sport of skill, strategy and imagination.


Rent Locally

1. Locate a laser tag rental outlet in your area. Laser tag equipment is often rented along with paintball equipment or with other sporting goods, such as skis.

2. Rent by the weekday or get a weekend package. On a per-player basis, expect to pay less than you would for a day at an amusement park or ski resort.

3. Enjoy unlimited play in the venue of your choice.

4. Return the equipment in its original condition in order to recoup any deposit you may have paid.

Rent Globally

5. Expand your equipment choices by renting from an online store. You may find more sophisticated taggers or game formats with more rental outlets to choose from. Find information about renting equipment at the International Laser Tag Association website (see Resources below).

6. Find out the return policy and details before you rent so you’ll know when to schedule your order and how much time you can have to play the game.

7. Play as long as you like in a forest, park, backyard or other outdoor setting.

8. Return your equipment in good condition via the original shipping method. Some shops include round-trip shipping and offer preprinted labels, while others will require a trip to the post office or express mail service.

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