Rental Places For Parties

Strike a hit when you rent lanes at a bowling alley for your party.

If the thought of hosting a party at your home leaves you uninspired, it is time to consider renting an alternative location. Choosing to have your party at a rented facility can give you many options to select from. Some will offer complete party packages so you only need to invite your guests, while other places are simply a different venue for your party. Does this Spark an idea?

Kids’ Parties

There are so many alternative locations you can rent for a birthday party for a child, it is more a matter of what your child would enjoy, the time of year, and how much you can spend. Summertime rental locations include miniature golf, pool parties at private clubs, amusement parks, the zoo, or a playing field. If it is too cold or hot outdoors for your party, consider renting a rollerskating rink, gymnasium or gymnastics studio, bounce house facility, rock climbing, or arrange to have your party at a local museum. Many businesses that rent out their facility for parties also have “package deals” you can buy that provide decorations, food and additional entertainment so everything but the invitations are done for you. There are places you can rent, even if you are budget conscience, that may cost less than planning and hosting a party at your home. Local fast-food restaurants have party packages that include exclusive time in the play area and bargain deals from the menu for your party-goers. Local playgrounds may have a program that allows you to book the play area for a nominal fee. And, the local movie theater or sports team may also have a group discount program you can take advantage of for your party.

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Teen Parties

The teenage years are a time young people begin to show independence and individuality. These factors can make planning a teen party a bit more challenging than a party for young children. Deciding to rent a facility for your teen party is the ideal solution. Favorite locations to rent are a bowling lanes, a spa for a beauty make-over session, a paintball center, a hall, clubhouse or hotel ballroom to make into a dance club. Add to the fun for smaller parties and rent a limousine to pick up and deliver the guests to the rented location.

Adult Parties

Renting a location for an adult party, whether it is a birthday or a wedding, adds anticipation and excitement for your guests. If you are searching for a place where you are allowed to decorate and provide your own food, community halls, church halls, apartment complex clubhouses and private clubs are perfect. For a more unusual and unique location for your adult party, rent a large boat or yacht, ski chalet or lodge, luxury home, museum or country club and put on an elegant affair. Many hotels, restaurants and service organizations like the Elks lodge, offer private-party accommodations including a large room to rent and catering services.