Repair A Spyder Paint Ball Gun

A paint ball gun is also called a marker.

Paint ball is a popular recreational sport in which small pellets of paint are fired from guns, known as markers, at opposing players in an attempt to eliminate them from the game by marking them with paint. Spyder is a leading marker manufacturer and a popular choice for beginning players. Failing to properly maintain your marker can lead to the need for repairs, which can be completed with the use of an Allen key and replacement parts.


1. Remove the pins that hold the bolt assembly of the gun in place. You must first remove the small disconnect pin on the side of the marker, over the trigger, which will enable you to pull the large pin above the trigger out.

2. Remove the bolt from the gun. With the pins removed, the spring inside the gun will force the bolt assembly out of the gun.

3. Inspect the bolt for signs of damage and replace if needed. Minor cosmetic damage does not warrant replacement, however a bolt with significant dings or dents may cause your gun to not function properly.

4. Adjust the regulator on the gun, located on the plastic attachment which your CO2 canister attaches to, using an Allen key, until it is reading at 800 psi. You must fire the gun for the gauge to give a new reading, so fire once after each adjustment. Turn the screw in to lower pressure, or turn the screw so that it comes out slightly to increase pressure.

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5. Unscrew the metal hose running from the plastic CO2 attachment to the body of the gun at the end at which it attaches to the plastic. The hose is held on by a female end which screws over the male end of the plastic attachment, similar to how the male end of a coaxial cable attaches to the female port on a television.

6. Remove the O-ring inside the female end of the hose, and replace it with a new O-ring. A leaky O-ring reduces the flow of CO2 to your gun, preventing it from firing properly.

7. Screw the female end back onto the male end.