Repair Dye I3 Lenses

Paintball is a game where players attempt to shoot each other with dye-filled capsules. When playing at commercial paintball centers, you are required to wear protective gear and clothing that cover most of your body as these capsules can sting upon impact and even bruise you. In addition, paint splashes on you and can be dangerous if it gets in your eyes. One way to protect your eyes from the paint balls are with Dye i3 paint ball masks. Paintball can be an intense activity and if your lenses aren’t in good condition, you will have to replace them to ensure the safety of your eyes.


1. Peel the top of the rubber goggle frame from the top lenses of your old i3 lenses.

2. Pull the goggle frame out of all the tabs and remove the lens.

3. Apply water to the new lens to dampen the tabs. Insert the two nose tabs into the goggle frame.

4. Press the right and left tabs into the rubber frame.

5. Flush each tab into the frame and peel off the protective coating.

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