Replace Airsoft Barrels

Airsoft is an extreme sport that uses plastic pellets fired from airsoft pistols and rifles at targets or enemy competitors. Airsoft teams rely on each other and their gear to carry them through simulated military battles and longer events called airsoft wars. The barrel is an important piece of the airsoft gun that controls the direction of the pellet as it leaves the chamber. Damaged or warped barrels must be replaced to prevent injury to the user or others.


1. Set the safety on your airsoft weapon. Guns should never be maintained unless the safety is on.

2. Hold the gun so that the end is pointed toward the wall. Make sure it is aimed away from bystanders or fragile objects such as glass or ceramics.

3. Grasp the barrel with your hand and gently unscrew it in a counter clockwise direction. Take care to ensure that you do not overstress the threads.

4. Remove the existing barrel from the gun. Don’t forget to keep the barrel cover if your new barrel does not have its own.

5. Line up the new barrel and screw it onto the weapon. If you begin to feel resistance, stop and start over. It is very easy to double-thread a gun barrel, ruining the airsoft weapon.

6. Tighten the barrel to complete the operation. Once the barrel can no longer be hand-tightened it is finished. Do not attempt to mechanically tighten the barrel further as this may ruin the threads.

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