Replace Dye I3 Lenses

Paintball enthusiasts usually wear masks like the Dye i3.

Paintball is a game in which players try to hit each other with round dye-filled capsules propelled from air guns. The capsules weigh only about 1/8 ounce but travel at up to 300 feet per second, so gloves and masks are standard equipment for players. Dye Matrix makes and sells paintball guns, loaders and other equipment including the i3 and i3 Pro paintball masks. The company recommends that players “immediately replace any lens that has taken a direct hit from 10 feet or closer.”


1. Peel the top of the rubber goggle frame up and away from the top lens tab of the old lens with your thumbs. The lens tab is under the logo. The lens attaches to the mask with 10 tabs on the edges of the lens.

2. Roll the goggle frame over all the tabs on the top of the lens. Pull the goggle frame out of all tabs and remove the lens.

3. Moisten the tabs on the new lens with water. Leave the protective film on new lenses during installation.

4. Pinch the nose portion of the goggle frame and insert the two nose tabs into the frame. Push the bottom tabs into the frame with your palm.

5. Push the right and left tabs into the rubber frame by pressing with your palm.

6. Roll your thumb from over each tab in the rubber frame. Ensure that each tab feels flush with the frame. Peel the protective coating from the lens.

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