Replace Paintball Tank Burst Disks

In a liquid CO2 paintball tank, there is a burst disk screwed into the side of the tank’s fill valve. It’s a safety device for pressure build-up. When liquid CO2 heats up, it builds high pressures. The burst disk pops when too much pressure builds up in the tank. This prevents tank explosion.


1. Replace paintball tank burst disks by first making sure the tank is empty. You may have small leakage around the burst disk. If so, you may need to simply tighten the disk. If the disk is compromised or damaged, you must replace the burst disk.

2. Empty the tank by using a CO2 fill station. This puts pressure on the pin of the tank which releases any pressure that may be in the tank. Always do this as a safety precaution before removing the burst disk whenever you replace paintball tank burst disks.

3. Unscrew the burst disk. The burst disk nut is made out of brass with a hole in the center. A copper plate is actually the burst disk. Remove the compromised burst disk from the bottom of the brass nut. Replace the old burst disk with a new one. Screw the new burst disk and nut back into your tank securely.

4. Check for leaks when you replace paintball tank burst disks. If you over-tighten the brass nut which holds the burst disk, you may weaken the burst disk. Fill the tank. Look to see if liquid CO2 is coming out around the new burst disk. Pour oil or soapy water around the threads on the burst disk nut. If you don’t see any bubbles, you are good to go.

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