Reprogram An Ion Tboard Paintball

When in a paintball competition, or just playing with your friends, having the right equipment can be the difference between winning or going home covered in paint. The Ion T-Board is a paintball gun control module that you can use to replace the standard board on your gun. This board will allow you to create a custom program to change settings such as the rate of fire of your gun. In order to reprogram the unit, you must enter setup mode.


1. Place the marker switch in the “Off” position before trying to reprogram the Ion T-board. Press and hold the “Eye” button and tap the “Power” button on the board one time. Continue to hold the “Eye” button and the LED light will flash red once. Let go of the “Eye” button and you will enter the first stage of programming.

2. Pull the trigger on your gun once to increase the “Rate of Fire” for your gun. Each pull will increase it one unit,. Tap the “Eye” button to move on to the “Dwell” of the gun. Just like with the rate of fire, press the trigger to increase the dwell one millisecond. Press the “Eye” button again to save and move to the next step.

3. Press the trigger to change the “Debounce” setting using the same method and press the “Eye” button to save. Use the same method to change the “Eye Delay” and “Force Semi” settings. When finished, press the “Power” button to save and enter live fire mode.

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4. Repeat Step 1, but hold the “Eye” button until the LED blinks twice to enter the second programming menu. Use the same method outlined in Steps 2 and 3 to change the

“Shot Q’ing,” “ABS,” “After Nitro,” “Trigger speed,” “Trig pulls to ramp,” “Training,” “Training Dwell” and “Woodsball” settings.

5. Repeat Step 1 and hold the “Eye” button until the LED blinks three times to restore the default programming of the board.