Run A Laser Tag Facility

You’ve checked demographics and invested bucks in a laser tag franchise. You’ve put together an indoor or outdoor facility full of exciting obstacles and multiple play levels. Now you need to implement a business action plan that will help build a customer base while you smoothly run your facility. Learn to set ground rules, provide the latest technology and keep your laser tag fans happy and coming back for more.


Maintain Your Laser Tag Facility

1. Keep your outdoor sign looking new. This is your customer introduction to the facility and should make the best possible impression.

2. Scout your facility daily for hazards to staff or players, such as loose carpeting, holes in flooring or obstacles and burnt-out safety or emergency lights.

3. Be rigorous about hiring engaging and honest employees. Laser tag is a social game, and customers expect cheerful and positive interaction with staff.

4. Keep bathrooms clean and functioning. Lengthy parties or meetings make restroom service a large part of your operation.

5. Run laser tag facility management software to coordinate business operations. Many franchisers offer proprietary software.

6. Test your equipment daily. Nothing kills the party mood of a laser tag game like a faulty program or broken equipment.

7. Enforce employee rules so that they will enforce game-play rules. One of the biggest beefs of arena laser tag customers is cheating, and this can be eliminated by dedicated referees who know be friendly but firm in insisting on compliance.

8. Clean equipment used by the public often. This high-action game can cause lots of perspiration, which can result in unsanitary or odiferous body vests, shoulder packs or headbands.

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Enhance Your Laser Tag Facility

9. Use an arcade service that allows you to swap game units. This way you’ll always have the latest video games.

10. Increase staff to include party hosts and meeting facilitators, such as personal business coaches.

11. Find out what other local facilities offer for birthday or meeting packages and outdo them. Add refreshments and invitations or customized teambuilding workshops.

12. Run advertisements continually. It’s been proven that repeat ads garner more business than one-time ads, even full-page ones.