Ryobi Electric Fishing Reel Specifications

The Ryobi AD-101 High Power-UP reel was a conventional reel with electric assistance.

Ryobi Limited is a power tool manufacturer that used to sell fishing reels. They sold their tackle division to the Johshuya company in 2000, but before then they offered an electric powered reel intended to help anglers with reduced arm strength. The electric mode allowed physically challenged anglers to continue deep sea fishing. The Ryobi AD-101 High Power-UP reel had both powered and manual modes.

Weight and Line Capacity

The weight of the reel was 1610 grams, with a gear ratio of 1 to 2.3. Every manual turn of the handle revolves the spool by 2.3 turns. The line capacity was 475 meters of line, with a line diameter of 0.60.

Power Specs

The maximum battery winding power was 30 kilograms. The reel could be connected to a 12-volt power source using a power cord. The winding speed under electric power was 80 — 140 meters per minute.

Line Control

The Ryobi electric reel had a level wind feature that prevented line from bunching up on one side of the spool as it was reeled in. There was an overwinding prevention device, and an alarm letting the angler know when the line was getting low.

Drag and Line Counter

The reel featured a star drag system with three bearings, and a line counter with an LCD screen.

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