Scenarios For Paintball Games

Scenarios for Paintball Games

Paintball is a sport that involves a paintball gun loaded with thin plastic coated balls filled with different colored paint. In recent years, hundreds of people gather together to role play and create paintball scenarios or reenactments in which they compete for prizes and awards. There are several different scenarios available for paintball games that are ideal for various skills levels.


Many people choose to utilize their paintball skills in a social setting involving strategy and goal setting that revolves around hitting targets and completing missions. Setting up a scenario for a paintball game or competition involves a sense of reenactment which generates suspense and drama within the game. Many scenario games include using camouflage, paint or smoke bombs, telecommunications gear such as two-way radios, night vision equipment and GPS systems.


Paintball scenarios are used for multiple players that play alone or as a team with a specific goal or strategy in mind. Twice a year one of the largest paintball scenario clubs meets at the Oklahoma D-Day Paintball Competition. Thousands of paintball gamers around the world replicate scenarios in the competition to compete against each other using their paintball guns. For many, the sense of reenacting video games, war scenes, movies or books gives them a chance to physically live out their virtual reality fantasies.


Some of the most popular paintball game scenarios are search and rescue missions, fortress capturing, terrorist team, body guard, predator, bunker hill, military missions or training, village takeovers, covert operations, special agents and scavenger hunts. Team members are given certain roles, such as guards, healers, militants and captains. Barrels, buildings, tree forts and blinds are props that are commonly used in paintball scenarios. For special agent scenarios, there will likely be one agent and several villains hunting the appointed special agent. Designated items like flags, may need to be retrieved before the game is won. Reenacting historic battles involves the players making their way through fields and wooded areas before reaching a battlefield and striking out opponents for the victory of a team title.

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Time Frame

Most large paintball scenario competitions last more than four hours but some can last up to two days depending on how fast players are cast out of competitions and scenarios. Planning for a large group scenario can take weeks and months to plan and coordinate. Typically, most are planned online where a story line is shared with prospective players–if they later decide to sign up they are assigned a character at a particular post and taught complete their mission. Making sure there are enough players who will participate in a scenario is essential in guaranteeing the game will be successful.


Paintball guns can be considered a dangerous weapon and can cause life threatening damage if proper safety equipment is not worn and directions are not followed carefully. Protective chest and head gear are essential in preventing injury. Most paintball guns are air pressured and can travel at high speeds and leave large welts and bruises on the skin. Many scenario games require the players to hit certain targets on the body such as the back of the head or chest. If this is the case, making sure that every player is protected will provide peace of mind for all involved in the game.