School Survival Games

Survival games challenge players to escape dangerous situations. Venues can include familiar settings such as schools. These games are recommended for mature players, considering their violent content and placement in a setting reserved for teenagers and children. Each of these online games is free.

An Average Day At School

“An Average Day At School” features a stick figure protagonist with humorous narration. The opening animation of the game sets the stage for the action game. You must use the mouse to make decisions and perform certain actions to survive. The multistory school is full of dangerous adversaries, and the choices you make will affect the narrative of the game.

Escape Culver

Escape Culver” is a survival and escape game set in a military school. Using your mouse, you can navigate the hallways and acquire items using left-click. The animation at the beginning of the game will show you the current situation and what you must do to begin the process of escaping. Use items in your inventory to reach new areas as you try to make your way out.

BUMs: Back to School

“BUMs: Back to School” features a protagonist named Lil G. You must liberate your friends from the clutches of summer school. Survive through multiple levels of making the trip to the school and venturing through the school itself. Use the keyboard to move through various situations that resemble classic video games like “Frogger.”

School Bus Frenzy

“School Bus Frenzy” brings a different angle to the school survival game. You must get an allotted number of children from the school to their buses. The challenge is to survive with obstacles such as traffic and travel delays. Upgrade your game with items that will increase your speed and boosts. Beat each level by getting your students to survive.

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