Science Games To Play

There are many ways to introduce science topics to your students. There are even more ways to make it interesting so they will want to know more. You can play board games, online games, and classroom games. Whatever you choose, the key is to spark their interest.

Khet: The Laser Game

This game, manufactured by Innovention Toys, and found on, lets students work with lasers and mirrors to conquer the enemy’s king piece. The game comes with lasers installed in the board, and an equal amount of mirrored pieces for both players to reflect the laser beam. The object is to move your mirrored pieces in ways to deflect the lasers to hit your opponent’s king piece. From a scientific perspective, this game effectively teaches about the nature of light and its ability to bend and reflect.


Magnetism, an online game found at, illustrates the effects that metallic and non-metallic items have on a metal ball. When played, you encounter an obstacle course made of magnets and other objects. Using the attracting and repelling nature of magnets, you must figure out get the metal ball through the magnets and into a cup. Students benefit from this game as they witness the power of magnetism. Another benefit is the development of puzzle-solving skills.

Periodic Table Elements Scavenger Hunt

This game, found on, helps your students memorize the periodic elements. The site suggests printing a black and white and color periodic element charts. Cut out and hide the colored elements and conduct a scavenger hunt for them. Show the black and white chart and tell the students they need to find the lost colors. After finding them all, the students hold them up as you call out the name of each element. You can easily adapt this party game for the classroom. Use it to introduce the periodic table to your students. It also shows how well your students know the periodic table and the meaning of each symbol.

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