Search For The Best Airsoft Gun

Airsoft guns are sometimes used for realistic combat play.

Airsoft guns are not characterized as a toy gun but are actually a type of pellet gun. They are relatively safe for children to operate, while still providing enough impact to spur an adrenaline rush during game play. While kids enjoy airsoft guns, they are also owned and operated by adults who enjoy combat play as a hobby. Many different types of airsoft guns exist, with each being more ideal for different situations.


1. Make a list of how you plan to use the airsoft gun. The best airsoft gun for combat play may be different from the best gun for collecting. Include both categories if you both play and collect.

2. Write down the features that are important to you under each category. Different play scenarios might favor accuracy over range, while the opposite could also be true. Collectors tend to want a realistic look to the gun.

3. Browse online shops that sell airsoft guns. Categorize each gun by type and price. Next to each option, make a list of all the features you desire in the best airsoft gun. Place a check next to every feature that particular gun offers that matches your criteria.

4. Assess your budget and develop a realistic price range to get the most features for your money.

5. Visit a hardware or sports shop and handle the best airsoft guns on your list. Make note of the weight, grip and other things that will affect the actual use of the gun.

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6. Borrow or rent the top models that are on your paper from a friend or a sporting goods shop that offers that service. Spend a weekend using the guns and comparing the features when in play.

7. Circle your top picks on the paper based upon the comparison process. These are the best airsoft guns for your needs.

8. Check the price for the pellets on each of your top picks. If all other factors are equal, select the airsoft gun that is tooled for accuracy with less expensive airsoft pellets.