Secret Agent Camps For Kids

Secret agent camps help children learn about a certain kind of survival.

Acrobatics. Stealth. Spy gadgets. These are not things usually associated with summer camps. However, there are a handful of summer and day camps for children interested in the action and science behind being a secret agent or spy. More than teaching children keep busy and stake out bad guys, secret agent and spy camps help teach children about teamwork, leadership, self-discipline and problem-solving.

Before Enrolling

While secret agent summer camps may sound like a great time to you, make sure that your child is interested in the kind of hands on, high activity adventures they provide; a less-than-enthusiastic camper can dampen the experience for all the children participating. Ensure that your child meets any minimum age and size requirements and that the camp schedule is one that works for your family. For camps that require extended overnight stays away from home, make sure that your child is prepared and eager for the experience of being away from loved ones.

Secret Agent Camp

Run by Pali Overnight Adventures in Running Springs, California, Secret Agent Camp offers both one week and two week long courses, and is geared towards children nine to 16 years old. The one week program trains children in martial arts technique, stealth and undercover tactics. Games and activities include paintball, climbing, acrobatics, decoding, field communication and themed missions to test the kids’ training. The two week program covers these things in greater detail and offers more opportunities for children to test their newly learned skills during the program.

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KidSpy Summer Day Camp

Located in Washington DC, the KidSpy Summer Day Camp is run by the International Spy Museum. It has two sessions in the summer, each session lasting five days — Monday to Friday — from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. The KidSpy program is for children aged 10 to 13 years old and challenges them to learn about street smarts, real spy techniques, decoding, disguise, escape and evasion tactics and spy science in programs taught by real spies.

Spy Camp

Spy Camp is part of the larger summer camp of Camp Lohikan, located in Lake Como, Pennsylvania. Spy Camp is a two week program and does not have minimum age limits for entry, however children below the fifth grade will not be allowed to participate in the camp’s paintball elements. Spy Camp tackles the outdoor physical activities of spying such as safe evasive driving — using ATVs — high and low rope courses, and even jet ski training. The more intellectual activities tackled include surveillance, decoding and interrogation. The program has a final rescue mission where children apply all of their learned skills.