Secure Carbon Dioxide Tanks

Tanks of carbon dioxide, with the contents under pressure, provide power for a number of devices. Referred to as CO2, the content of the tanks is not usually hazardous, but the tanks can pose an explosion hazard if not handled properly. Paint ball refill stations and fountain soft drink dispensers are examples of locations that use bulk CO2 tanks.


1. Acquire a CO2 tank clamp. These commercially available clamps are available in a variety of sizes to fit various tanks.

2. Clear a space for the CO2 tank to be stored in an upright position. Store the tanks, whether in use or not, with the valve on top. Choose storage areas free of excessive heat and preferably under 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Fasten the CO2 tank clamp around the tank. Fasten the tank clamp bracket to a secure object. The CO2 tank clamp bracket is designed to be bolted to a wall or the interior of a vehicle. Install according to manufacturer’s instructions.

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