Select An Eotech Holographic Sight

Select an EOtech Holographic Sight

EOTech has been producing top-of-the-line holographic sights since 1996. Their sights are attached to the top of a rifle and have a wide glass lens, allowing the shooter to keep both eyes open during the firing of the weapon. Inside the lens is a red dot that only the shooter can see. Once correctly sighted in, the shooter only needs to place that dot on his target to make an accurate shot. EOTech sights have been adopted as standard equipment by the U.S. Special Operations Command, the State Department, the FBI, the special operations forces of many countries and many other entities, including individuals.


1. Decide whether you need a holographic sight. While they are extremely accurate and difficult to damage, they are also a far cry from a traditional rifle optic. Traditional optic sights have magnification. The EOTech sight does not offer this as a standard feature, though it can be purchased for additional dollars. A traditional optic sight leaves little room for difficulty in placing the crosshairs on the target and generally requires the shooter to use only one eye. With an EOTech holographic sight the red dot can sometimes be difficult to see. Proper positioning of the eye in relation to the EOTech sight is essential.

2. Know the purpose for the rifle and optic. The buyer must have an accurate picture of the intended use of the holographic sight: EOTech offers different sights for military use, police forces and hunting. The features and benefits of each different model are customized to the end user. Prices vary greatly depending on the model chosen.

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3. Choose the correct EOTech model. Does the user need night vision compatibility? Will magnification be required? Two different mounts are available for the magnification, one easy to modify for close-range shooting and the other taking some time to adjust. The power of the magnification, either 3X or 4X, affects price, as does the type of magnification mount chosen. Another issue in picking a model is deciding on the type of battery that operates the sight. Several models require batteries that may require some work to find. Other models use AA batteries, which are easily purchased.

The EOTech website (see Resources) offers a four-step questionnaire to help the buyer narrow the list of choices.