Select The Right Eotech Sights

Eotech produces HWS (Holographic Weapons System) sights for a variety of purposes and weapons. Eotech sights are different from traditional optic sights in that they feature a display window in which a holographic reticle is visible. The sights are electronically operated and are based on technology originally used in helicopter gunships and jet fighters. Advantages of the sights are that they can be seen from varying angles and light levels. Eotech produces holographic sights for different purposes and weapons.


1. Determine the kind of weapon for which you need the sight and for what you will be primarily using it. For example, do you plan to use the sight on a tactical rifle (such as an AR-15), a hunting rifle or a handgun? The size of weapon will help you quickly narrow down your selection.

2. Consider what kind of shooting you are planning to do. Will you be primarily using the sight for hunting, competition shooting or tactical use (military- or law enforcement-type shooting)? For example, the reticles on a sight designed for hunting may be more practical than those for tactical use.

3. Consider if you require magnification or will be using night vision goggles. If you plan to hunt, you probably want a sight with magnification, whereas short-distance shooting may not require any magnification. Additionally, certain Eotech models are equipped with reticle settings that are visible only when using night-vision goggles; if you’re in law enforcement, that may be important to you.

4. Use the previous criteria to determine which sight would best fit your purposes. Eotech also provides a questionnaire on its website to help you with your sight selection.

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