Select The Right Paintball Barrel

Try out different barrels to get a feel for what suits you best.

In addition to the size of the CO2 tank, storage capacity of the hopper and trigger system on your paintball gun, the characteristics of your paintball gun’s barrel can also make a significant impact on your gun’s overall performance. Nearly all of today’s paintball guns use barrels that can be screwed on or off. Upgrading your barrel can improve your gun’s accuracy and require less maintenance.


1. Choose the material you would like your barrel to be made of. Paintball barrels are made of copper, aluminum or stainless steel. Brass barrels create the least amount of friction, stainless steel barrels require little to no maintenance and aluminum barrels are relatively cheap.

2. Consider your priorities regarding your paintball gun and the sport itself. If you play often and don’t want to deal with frequent maintenance and cleaning issues, you would want to choose a 10- or 12-inch barrel over a 14- or 16-inch barrel. However, longer barrels will allow you greater range.

3. Try out a friend’s paintball gun barrel to see how you like it. There is no 100 percent supreme paintball barrel, so much of your decision will come down to your style of play and personal aesthetic. Experiment with different barrels to find one that is right for you before spending any money.