Sell A Glock

The Glock is the best selling handgun on the market. It is widely used by police agencies, which makes it a very popular pick for civilians as well. Selling a handgun is legal as long as you follow all of the Federal laws and procedures.


1. Verify the laws in your state before attempting to sell a Glock. If you do not hold a Federal Firearms License (FFL), some states will only allow you to sell handguns within your own state. Shipping a gun illegally is a felony.

2. Post a for sale ad online that thoroughly describes the Glock, the asking price and method of payment accepted. Include a picture of the handgun if you have one.

3. Watch your auction and notify the winner. Provide your name and contact information to send payment and license. Require the winner to send a copy of his Federal Firearms License.

4. Check with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to verify the license and ensure that the buyer is legally allowed to purchase firearms. You can’t legally sell a handgun to someone who can’t legally own a gun.

5. Find a shipping carrier that will ship handguns. Notify the carrier that you are shipping a firearm and that the package has no marking to indicate that a firearm is inside. Ship any ammunition separate from the handgun.

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