Sell Airsoft Guns

Sell Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns look fairly realistic, except for the bright orange color painted on the gun. These guns shoot BBs, and many parents let their children play with the guns because they offer a safer way to teach children to shoot properly. As a seller, you’ll also find others interested in buying and collecting the guns–including adults without children. Due to the large number of retail outlets, you’ll start out with a built-in market.


1. Find wholesale suppliers that offer Airsoft guns at below retail cost. Check with your local flea market for wholesale guide books, which list hundreds of wholesale suppliers offering a variety of products. The cheaper you can get the guns, the more profit you’ll make.

2. Look at the Airsoft gun, checking for the orange stripe. This stripe must be on the gun for you to sell it as an Airsoft gun because it indicates that the gun takes BB pellets. You cannot sell Airsoft guns without the stripe, nor can you advertise the guns as Airsoft.

3. Read the laws of your state, checking carefully for information on selling Airsoft guns. Certain areas, including Washington D.C., San Francisco and New York City, prohibit the sale of Airsoft guns. In portions of Michigan, it’s also illegal to sell these guns.

4. Sell the Airsoft guns at gun shows in your region. Check with the organization or group planning the event and follow the rules in place about selling at the show. You’ll often have access to thousands of customers and may even find new wholesale suppliers working at the show.

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5. Ask to see identification before making any sale. Most states require that customers be at least 18 years to purchase an Airsoft gun. Depending on your city or state, you may need to make a copy of their ID or keep a personal record of the sale, including the purchaser’s name and address.