Sell Paintball Guns

Paintball players often change from one gun to another as new guns hit the market or as their skills or playing preferences change. However, most players don’t keep every gun they buy. The used paintball-gun market is massive and challenging, but basic guidelines can help you sell your gun at a reasonable price.


Sell Your Paintball Gun

1. Clean and perform maintenance on your paintball gun. Just like cars, they are more likely to sell when they are and properly maintained. It’s best to get it in the condition you would expect if you were buying it.

2. In a well-lit, neatly presented area, take several photos of the gun. Avoid extraneous clutter or glare in the photos. Take photos of both sides of the gun, plus some other angles, that highlight the gun’s condition. Crop and resize the photos to provide the best views of the gun. Don’t make pictures too small to see detail, but don’t make them so large that they are slow to load or otherwise annoy potential buyers.

3. If possible, host the photos on an online photo site so you can link them to the sale listings. Once you have the photos online, you are ready to advertise your sale.

4. Be specific and truthful when advertising your paintball gun. Describe the brand and model, standard features, modifications and any extras that are included (such as barrels, tanks, hoppers, extra parts). Add the links to the photos after your description of the gun.

5. Determine your price and payment options. Find listings of the same type of gun (and condition) to research prices; if you remain in the same price range, you increase your chances of selling. You can discount the price if you want to sell it quickly.

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6. Once you have completed the advertisement, look for reputable selling options online. Post to your local Craigslist page, for starters. Search for gun-specific owners’ groups (for example, Tippmann Model 98 paintball guns). Also search for non-specific paintball groups (for example, that might have sales forums. Create accounts when necessary to post to these sites, and use the same advertisement for all of them.

7. When a potential buyer contacts you, answer any additional questions. The buyer might make a counter-offer. Once you settle on a price and agree upon a payment option, wait for the payment to arrive. While waiting, pack the paintball gun for shipping (unless selling in person). Let the buyer know a firm time frame in which you will ship after receiving payment (48 hours, for example).

8. When you ship your gun, consider insuring it for the sales amount, and add some sort of delivery confirmation. Once it has shipped and you confirm that it arrived (either by communicating with the buyer or using the delivery-confirmation notice), delete your ads.