Sell Paintball Markers

Various avenues are available for selling a paintball marker.

There are times when paintball markers have to be sold in return for extra cash. Selling a paintball marker can be done in a number of different ways. You can opt to sell it using online listings or through advertising fliers. Retail stores that sell paintball equipment often will purchase used markers as well. However, there are a few things to do before selling your paintball marker.


1. Make the paintball marker look presentable, if it was previously used. Clean the exterior of the paintball marker with a damp towel. Clean all of the parts and accessories with the towel to remove any paint, oil or dirt. Locate the original box and manual to increase the resale value.

2. Determine the value of the paintball marker. The value of the paintball marker will increase if it was used everyday, as opposed to being used yearly. Added accessories also will increase its value. The best way to determine a fair selling price is to compare your marker to similar ones on the market. Research the types of used markers for sale online or in retail stores.

3. Post a listing online and create printed fliers to advertise the sale of the paintball marker. Numerous online websites allow free space for selling personal items. Some websites also allow pictures of the item to be posted alongside its price and description. Post the type of marker for sale, its condition, accessories added, and include the asking price. Take a picture of the marker using a digital camera and include it with the advertisement as well. Also, state whether the item is for pick-up only or if shipping is available. Create printed fliers to be placed at paintball arenas, if allowed by the managers of the complex. Place the fliers near set-up areas, fill stations and snack bars. Include a picture of the paintball marker, description, asking price and personal information, as well as a contact name and phone number.

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4. Sell the paintball marker at a paintball retail store to earn extra cash instantly. Most paintball retail stores purchase both new and used markers, which then are cleaned and resold. The retailer has to make some profit; however, anything over a $100 profit margin probably is too much. Haggle over the price if necessary.