Sell Second Hand Bb Guns

BB guns are solid tools to teach youth proper firearm safety.

BB guns use compressed gas or air to propel small round projectiles — BBs. Adults can use these firearms to teach youngsters solid firearm safety and shooting techniques. You can purchase BB guns through many retail shops and online sellers. You sell second-hand BB guns in the same fashion. Each state has different laws regarding the sale of BB guns and who legally can buy or sell.


1. Contact you local sheriff’s office and speak to an an officer about BB gun laws for the state or jurisdiction. Tell the officer what style of BB gun you have and are hoping to sell. Ask if the laws allow for selling the firearm and may buy it. For example, ask what the age limit is for a legal sale.

2. Clean the BB gun by wiping it down, removing any rust or sediment, then give a light coating of gun oil to any metal to prevent rusting.

3. Take pictures of the BB gun from the front, rear and side angle to use in the advertisements ,if selling online. Post your ad and pictures on your chosen classified website or auction site. Provide information on the make, model, year and how much you have used it. Provide contact information such as an e-mail address.

4. Arrange safe places to meet with potential buyers, such as an approved target range where the potential buyer can test the weapon.

5. Ask for ID and write a bill of sale upon negotiating the sale. If your state has age restrictions, confirm the buyer’s age with the ID.

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