Sell Used Snowboards

An old snowboard can still be ideal for a newcomer

Selling your snowboard can be sentimental as you may have had it for many years and have great memories with it. However, it is an opportunity to pass your board on to someone who will be able to appreciate it more at a significantly lower cost and recover some of the money you spent on it. Selling your board requires some knowledge on the proper outlets and ways to go about the process. Learn some tips to maximize your cash intake from selling the board.


1. Figure out the value of the board. Remember what the original cost was. Look on the Internet for similar boards and see what they cost. Since they are used they come in a variety of conditions, so don’t just look at the dollar number of the board but look carefully at what condition they are in to give you an idea of what you might get for it. Take it into a shop and ask a sales associate what they think it may be worth. Even if they don’t sell that particular model, they are in the industry of selling snowboards and will have valuable advice.

2. Fix the board up for maximum buying potential. Clean off any half-ripped stickers and clean any dirt or stains. If the board needs repair, consider the cost first. Many buyers are OK with buying a board with damage and prefer it over a more expensive used board as that is what they expect. The better shape the board is in the more money you can ask for it. Fixes like cleaning rust and minor base damage are cheap and easy and can likely result in a net gain.

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3. Advertise the board. Use the traditional Internet outlets such as Ebay and Craigslist. Try advertising in classifieds sections of local papers in both online and print versions. There will likely be less competition in these as many buyers flock to the main used gear outlets. Always ask your local snowboard shop if they buy used gear. There are also specific gear trading sites such as and that offer free classified ad space for advertising your board.