Set A Dwell On Invert Mini

Due to its small, lightweight size, the Invert Mini has developed a reputation as one of the most easy to shoot paintball guns on the market. It weighs less than 2 lb. and has very little kickback compared with other guns in its class. The Invert Mini is considered by many paintball enthusiasts to be a very powerful gun for the price. There are plenty of settings you change on an Invert Mini, including Dwell.


1. Make sure the power is off on the Invert Mini. You get to the Dwell setting with the gun in the off position.

2. Press the “Function” key three times to get to the Dwell setting.

3. Wait for the LED screen to turn orange. If the screen does not light up orange, the Dwell will not change.

4. Adjust the Dwell to your desired setting. The Dwell range on an Invert Mini is 1 to 45. Hit the up and down buttons while the screen is still lit up.

5. Check your setting. As the orange LED light goes off, the LED will blink the Dwell setting on the screen. If the number is not right, change the setting again.

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