Set A Tippmann X7 To Turbo

Tippmann X7 Phenom and X7 Phenom Mechanical paintball guns were designed with multiple firing modes, which allows you to customize your paintball gun according to your preferences. Turbo mode is one of the available firing modes you can use with your Tippmann X7. When programmed, turbo mode allows you to manipulate the trigger to fire up to 15 balls per second, the maximum firing speed for X7 model paintball guns.


1. Pull down on the selector switch located on the left side of the body of the Tippmann X7 so that the notch on the switch is pointing at “FA.” The “FA” stands for full automatic, one of three different firing modes on the paintball gun.

2. Locate the programming button on the paintball gun grip. Two small holes are located approximately one-third of the way down the grip, under the trigger. The upper hold is the programming button, and the lower hole is the LED indicator light.

3. Stick a pin in the programming button hole and hold the button down until the LED light blinks orange. Continue releasing and pressing the programming button until the LED light blinks four times in succession, which indicates the Tippmann X7 is in turbo mode.

4. Pull the Tippmann X7 trigger three times within one second to utilize turbo mode and fire 15 balls per second. Pull the trigger once per second to maintain the turbo firing rate.

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